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The Straight-A Honor Roll System
How Martial Arts Can Give Your Child Self-Discipline, Self-Esteem, More Focus and Better Grades

In this book, I describe the positive effects Martial Arts has on children in particular.  Over my 14 years as a Martial Arts Instructor, I have seen the positive changes that have occurred in children because of their Martial Arts training.  

I go on to describe the dramatic changes that have occurred in some of my individual students and the power they have gained both physically and mentally from their training.


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What do Martial Arts and good grades have in common?


In this fast-paced, energetic book, you will discover how to get more than kicking and punching from Martial Arts. With principles learned in his decorated career, Doug will show you the keys to good grades and success as a leader. 

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in Martial Arts knows the value of strategy and the power of focus.

Doug Rankin is a speaker, a #1 bestselling author, and a 5th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo.

Doug has helped thousands of kids and adults through his Martial Arts program. 

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